June 16, 2024

SAD JINGO by Ron Dionne

SAD JINGO by Ron Dionne


SAD JINGO is a modern noir set in the New York City jazz scene of the 1990s.

Jingo Dalhousie — a frustrated piano player working as a janitor in his cousin’s Greenwich Village night club, a misfit, a man who is just not all there. The kind you can find on any NYC street corner. Jingo harbors impossible dreams of playing the piano like his idol, Thelonious Monk. When a blockbuster debut novel features a character with his own unusual name, Jingo believes it can’t be mere coincidence, and he decides to track down the author. If only he can meet her, and play for her, then maybe — just maybe — he’ll be able to finally free the music trapped inside his head. But unknown to Jingo, the author has a secret of her own that she is desperate to protect . . .

What is the human soul capable of when afflicted by ambition without talent? The haunting answer to that question echoes through the pages of SAD JINGO.

Ron Dionne’s stories have been published in online publications such as Thrillers, Killers ‘n’ Chillers, Title Goes Here: Web Edition, and Yellow Mama (forthcoming). In print, his stories have appeared in Blue Murder Magazine, Palace Corbie, Into the Darkness, and other publications.

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50 Great College Drinking Games by Ross Bonander

50 Great College Drinking Games eBook

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There are some things you can’t learn in a classroom!

When in the course of educational events, it becomes necessary to blow off a little steam and hoist a few, here is the book you want committed to memory. The outrageously fun drinking games included in this complete compendium run the gamut.

Some use props such as quarters, cards, dice, Tupperware, or your body, while others are especially designed to be played far from the table (and out of harm’s way). Written by a college drinking game connoisseur and appropriated from all parts of the country, here are 50 games of skill and chance to be played when you are: a) waiting to get sober, b) waiting for another round, or c) wondering when those bozos will stop hogging the video games.

Become a master of potent potable classics:

King’s Cup
Suck the Sock
Relay Race of the Damned
And 45 More!!!!

And, yes, we have to say it, because it’s true, drink and have a good time – but drink responsibly.

















Central America Plane Reader – Stories about the people, places, and eats of Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Panama

Central America Plane Reader eBook

GoNOMAD Plane Reader: Central America

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Stories about the people, places, and eats of Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Panama

GoNOMAD’s Central America Plane Reader provides travelers with 34 articles about every country in the region, and hundreds of photographs to make it all come alive. More and more travelers are discovering what an excellent value travel to Central America can be, along with top notch surfing, unparalleled birding, hiking, fishing and a chance to learn about nature and indigenous peoples, who are still a big part of these cultures and daily life in Central America.

From staying in nature lodges in the Maya Mountains of Belize, learning to surf on Playa Samara on Costa Rica’s west coast, building a house in Santa Maria de Jesus, Guatemala, or climbing a volcano with views of two oceans in Panama, the adventures are endless.

Other chapters include

Swimming with dolphins in Honduras

Ecotouring in the Panama jungle and meeting the Embera people

Do it yourself diving in Utila, Honduras

The striking beauty of Lake Atitlan, 5000 feet above Guatemala

Biking from temple to temple in through Belize and Guatemala

Horseback riding along the beach in Costa Rica

GoNOMAD’s Central America Plane Reader will fill you with excitement and get you ready for your trip to this ever more popular part of the world, that’s so close to the US and Canada yet so very different. Explore Central America with a quick click!

99 Hilarious Sarah Palin Jokes: Pit Bulls, Hockey Moms, Death Panels And Other Jokes & Riddles Fully Approved by the Lamestream Media

99 Hilarious Sarah Palin Jokes: Pit Bulls, Hockey Moms, Death Panels And Other Jokes & Riddles Fully Approved by the Lamestream Media


On August 29, 2008, John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate. Five minutes later, Sarah Palin spoke to a national reporter for the first time and hilarity ensued. We haven’t stopped laughing yet through all the ups and downs – death panels, quitting as governor of Alaska, the view of Russia from her front porch, the magazines and newspapers that she “reads.”

99 Hilarious Sarah Palin Jokes: Pit Bulls, Hockey Moms, Death Panels And Other Jokes & Riddles Fully Approved by the Lamestream Media celebrates the former governor of Alaska, and the numerous gaffes, intentional and unintentional, that she leaves in her wake like dead caribou shot from a hovering helicopter.

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101 Hilarious Donald Trump Jokes: Poking Fun at New York City’s Most Annoying Millionaire

101 Hilarious Donald Trump Jokes ebook - Poking Fun At New York City's Most Annoying Millionaire


101 Hilarious Donald Trump Jokes – Poking Fun at New York City’s Most Annoying Millionaire

Donald Trump is a joke – the combover, the proclaimed wealth atop multiple bankruptcies, the relentless media whore.

This book could have been 100,000 Donald Trump Jokes, but we had to stop at 101.


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102 Hilarious Jewish Jokes for Kids

102 Hilarious Jewish Jokes for Kids eBook - jokes, riddles, and a whole lot of laughs


A perfect book for bubbes around the world to buy their grandkids. 102 jokes guaranteed to make kids laugh their tuches off. When they reach the last joke, they’ll be ready for more.

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Hard City by Clark Howard

Hard City, coming-of-age novel by noted mystery writer Clark Howard


Clark Howard is an award winning and acclaimed mystery writer. In 1981, his story The Horn Man won the Edgar Allan Poe award for best short story of the year from the Mystery Writers of America. In 2009, Howard won the Edward D. Hoch Memorial Golden Derringer Award for Lifetime Achievement from the Short Fiction Mystery Society.

A professional writer for over 40 years, he has written sixteen novels, six books of non-fiction, and has two published collections of short stories, in addition to more than 200 uncollected short stories.

He enlisted in the Marine Corps at 17 and served as a rocket launcher gunner in the Punchbowl in Korea. He was one of eight survivors in a platoon that survived the battle of the high ground north of the Punchbowl. He was discharged from the marines at age 20.
In 1990, Dutton published Howard’s novel Hard City in hardback. Hard City was never published in paperback, and the book is now hard to find even on the shelves of used bookstores.

Hard City was Howard’s most personal novel. The semi-autobiographical novel features Richie, a young boy from a troubled family, who lives on the streets of 1940s Chicago at age 12 while sleeping in a bowling alley every night. Eventually, Richie’s love of reading is key to Richie’s surviving, and eventually leaving, the street life.

Writing about Hard City in a new Author’s Preface for the publication of Hard City as an ebook, Howard writes, “Because much of it is based on my life as a wayward boy on the mean streets of Chicago’s lower West Side, a life frequently fueled by truancy, petty thievery, gang membership, and other disreputable behavior, I had, as a respectable adult, left those bleak days far behind and buried them deep in my memory. The things I had done back then, the life I had experienced, as well as vivid recollections of my mother’s drug addiction and my father’s incarceration in federal prison and subsequent disappearance, had all melded together into some dark recess of my mind and, I thought, been locked away forever.”

Now, Hard City is widely available as an eBook. For those who missed Hard City‘s hardback publication in 1990, you now have the chance to share Richie’s life on the streets of Chicago, and his ultimate redemption via books, reading, and writing.

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Italy Plane Reader

Italy Plane Reader
Italy Plane Reader – Get Psyched About Your Upcoming Trip to Italy: Stories About Italian People, Places and Eats


Getting excited about your trip to Italy?

The first eBook in the GoNOMAD Plane Reader series provides you with a collection of 31 articles highlighting everything Italy has to offer . . . from Sicily to Torino, from the Adriatic to Tyrrhenian sea, through thousands of years of history, seeing some of the world’s most romantic places, and best of all, the chance to mingle with Italians, who manage to have more fun than any other people on earth.

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Bad Date Stories anthology – call for submissions

We’re soliciting individual nonfiction accounts for an anthology about real-life “bad date” experiences.  Did your date have terrible manners?  Overshared?  Drank too much?  Or was there just a series of bad events?  Your entries should be between 200 and 800 words in length, and give a quick but detailed overview of the most uncanny, strange, humorous, embarrassing or downright awful encounter you’ve ever had while on a date.

Entries accepted for publication will be collected in an ebook anthology of brief tales about experiences with the dating world.  Unless you request to remain anonymous, your name and city of residence will be included with your accepted story.  Please understand that the editors may make slight changes to the length, vocabulary, and/or title of your story; however, if your piece is chosen for the anthology, the general content and meaning will remain the same.

Email submissions to 50worstdates@comcast.net